York produces commercially packaged HVAC rooftop units that burn natural gas for air conditioning and heat pump purposes. The units are complicated systems subdivided into compartments that serve different functions, and each function needs to work together for the unit to work correctly. A key advantage of packaged units is that the various sections or functions are designed to work together, so each unit’s capabilities balance with the others.

Package units also make the commercial AC repair process more manageable and less expensive, since technicians are familiar with the unit layout and functionality of the systems, making them easier to diagnose. Likewise, knowing the model and the customer-identified problem helps the technician anticipate and take the correct replacement parts with them more often, allowing them to fix it right the first time.

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Key compartments include the blower and housing, the gas heat section, the filters and compressors, and the electrical and control board. Other compartments include the return panel, a supply panel, and an area for the technician to use probes and perform pressure checks.

York units have panels that provide easy access for the commercial AC repair technician to read diagnostic codes, use electrical and other diagnostic instruments, and physically adjust or replace parts as needed. All this occurs while the panels fully protect the unit internals.


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