You want your home to be warm as winter approaches, and if you have a heat pump, there are a few things you can do to keep it from failing. There are different types of heat pumps, and an NH3 pump isn’t one of them. The attached video shows heat pump issues that you may face.

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Low refrigerant level is a common issue, and more noticeable in the spring, as the AC won’t function properly. If you have a backup heat source, you won’t notice this problem in winter. If there are wide temperature fluctuations or the outdoor unit has ice forming on the coil, ask a professional to check the refrigerant levels.

Poor maintenance leads to system components breaking down. Coils become dirty, airflow is affected, and this causes an increase in utility bills. If the system goes into defrost mode, and it hasn’t been cleaned, the dirt stops the system from draining, and it also stops the coil from properly defrosting, thus causing ice build-up.

Other defrosting issues are caused by a failing temperature sensor, or the sensor isn’t mounted properly so it cannot sense ice to defrost.

Keep your heat pump systems well-maintained so they function without problems during those harsh winter days.


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