You could say that your kitchen is the heartbeat of your home, and you wouldn’t be wrong. You do almost everything there, from preparing meals and eating to entertaining guests. You only retreat to the bedroom when you need to rest. It only makes sense to want your kitchen in the best shape possible. This read will explore some kitchen update vs. remodel ideas to keep your kitchen looking great.

1. Build a Wine Cellar

If you want to remodel your kitchen, consider giving it a touch of luxury. A wine cellar will make a great addition. It brings an unmatched aesthetic to your home and embraces your kitchen space.

You can have this feature designed to fit your space, making it a viable option for both full-scale and small-update remodels. Custom wine cellars offer your collections optimal conditions for preserving quality. In terms of maintaining the ideal temperature, a cellar ensures these conditions are easily accessible. You can choose from various types, like a built-in wine cellar that combines seamless cabinetry.

Another type is freestanding, which can make a focal point in your kitchen layout. Before choosing one, you’ll need to consider the size of your wine collection. You should also consider your space and your personal preferences.

The thing with a wine cellar is you don’t have to be a connoisseur of wine to have one in your kitchen. Even if you’re just a casual occasional drinker, it’ll offer a unique way of storing your collection of your favorite bottles, and you can trust that your guests will be more than impressed when they see pull out a bottle from your amazing display.

2. Clean Your Pipes

Pay attention to the plumbing system when deciding on a kitchen update vs. remodel for your space. Schedule maintenance with a local plumber. It’s not the most glamorous update, yet it plays a crucial role. It helps ensure your kitchen functions optimally and the components are in good working order.

Septic tanks accumulate a lot of debris and waste over time, leading to blockages and system failure. This happens when the system goes unattended for an extended period. For you to avoid these issues, keep up with routine maintenance.

Invest in septic pumping as part of your kitchen maintenance efforts to ensure the tank’s longevity. The outcome will be a healthier and more pleasing environment. You won’t have to deal with bad odors from entering your kitchen, and it lowers the risks of backup, which may disrupt your daily activities.

Always hire a seasoned and licensed professional for this job. These experts have the expertise and equipment to remove the accumulated waste in septic tanks. They also know how to prevent potential complications and ensure the functionality of your kitchen plumbing system.

3. Upkeep the HVAC

Creating a comfortable kitchen environment should be one of your considerations for kitchen update vs. remodel. Things can get hot when you’re trying out that KFC recipe you found posted online by a guy who swears to be a former employee of the chain and claims to know the secret 11 herbs or making a home-cooked meal for about 10 guests. Nothing can get you out of your groove like the HVAC system failing.

You want something you can always rely on, whether early in the morning or late at night. After working with the pros to pick the right model for your home, you must stay on top of your system’s upkeep needs. This means addressing heating and AC repair needs as soon as you notice them. This will help ensure a cozy indoor temperature at all times.

Keeping up with routine upkeep will extend the lifespan of your HVAC, along with its efficiency. Some updates you can make for your AC include replacing any faulty hardware. You can also install a smart thermostat to ensure control of temperature and humidity ranges in your kitchen. This upgrade will help you heat the space in an eco-friendly way and improve your kitchen comfort.

4. Construct Patio

When deciding between kitchen update vs. remodel, consider constructing a patio. It may not necessarily be part of your kitchen. Still, a well-designed patio will connect your indoor and outdoor space by providing a comfortable and stylish outdoor retreat where you can sometimes have dinner.

For the barrier, install a sliding glass or a pass-through window. Invest in high-quality outdoor furniture pieces and accessories to create a seating area. This can significantly increase the appeal of your property and create a delightful living space. Another great idea is creating an outdoor kitchen with built-in cabinets and storage. You can add more elements, like a pergola if you can afford it.

Having a patio will make entertaining friends and family much better. Not just because you can sit outside and soak in the nice weather as you catch up on how life has been or exchange theories on how the next season of your favorite show will pan out. It’s also functional in that you can keep all the mess outside. Once the drinks start flowing, people won’t be so careful about where they leave their beer bottles, cans, or snacks.

While you could DIY the construction of your patio, it’s always advisable to hire the services of expert concrete contractors. These professionals will ensure your patio complements your kitchen design and guarantees longevity. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of dumpster rental services to effectively manage the waste that will be generated.

5. Get Rid of Pest

Pest control should not be overlooked when considering kitchen updates vs. remodel ideas. This is an underestimated area, but it plays a crucial role. Address any existing pest issues before implementing any upgrading idea.

This involves identifying any entry point and chronic areas of the pest. In many circumstances, neglected kitchens, including cockroaches, can become a breeding ground for pests. Nasty pests can be attracted to cracks in the walls, holes in cabinets, and even discarded food crumbs.

As a consequence, the environment becomes dirty and toxic. So, before doing any renovations, consider implementing some pest control measures. Sealing gaps and crevices and investing in new, pest-resistant components for your kitchen surfaces and cabinetry are great places to start. By addressing these concerns as part of your kitchen remodeling, you can improve the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

Attempting to address an infestation yourself is a recipe for disaster. If you get rid of the pests but can’t identify what brought them into your house in the first place, you’ll likely be dealing with another infestation sooner than you think. Your local exterminator can easily identify the root cause of your issue, locate its source, and address it to stop more infestations. They’ll also offer suggestions for keeping away future unwanted guests depending on your home and the surrounding environment.

6. Keep Your Appliances Updated

Another great project to consider when contemplating kitchen update vs. remodel is updating kitchen appliances and maintaining them with the help of a home maintenance service. These appliances play a key role in the efficiency of your kitchen. However, you must ensure they’re in optimal condition to do their job correctly.

Start by assessing whether your existing appliances work. A facelift can suffice if they’re relatively new and in good condition. You should also consider appliance maintenance services from skilled personnel to enhance their performance.

Kitchen remodeling presents a perfect way to upgrade your appliance and switch up the placement and integration of the appliance. Consider modernizing your kitchen with energy-saving appliances that reduce utility costs and are eco-friendly. Also, redesigning your kitchen layout with new smart appliances will improve your culinary experience.

Your kitchen will perform significantly better with routine renovations and appliance maintenance. Examine the state of your appliances and your long-term requirements carefully. Choose something that best fits your needs in terms of your way of life.

7. Build a Storage Space

Adding storage space is a good idea when deciding between kitchen update vs remodel. Although they may not be practical for your whole kitchen, floating shelves are a fantastic organizational solution for keeping dishware close at hand and showcasing decor and accent pieces. Use a combination of traditional cabinets and floating shelves instead.

Backyard and garden sheds have many uses. While some individuals use them for gardening, others use them as a kid’s playhouse, a reading nook, or an office. When running low on storage solutions for your kitchen supplies, you can also re-purpose your shed into a pantry.

For this, start by considering your demands for food storage and how you want the interior of your shed to look. You can do whatever you want, whether installing countertops and cabinets or putting up some shelves along the wall. When shed building, the choice is yours.

Don’t forget to address pests; you don’t want these little guys around your food. Rats, mice, and other vermin are usually attracted to sheds. There’s much less foot traffic than in the home, and it also offers a conducive environment for them to build their nests. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your shed pest-free.

Inspect for any holes in the walls or flooring of the shed. Check the concrete to ensure there are no fractures in it. Check the doors and windows for any gaps or cracks. Finally, remove any debris or clutter from the area surrounding the shed’s exterior, including any bushes, trees, or discarded construction materials.

8. Keep Drains Flowing

Your drains significantly contribute to the functionality of your kitchen. Think about it. When your kitchen sink drains are clogged, washing things like food will become much harder than it needs to be. You may also end up with a backflow, which can create quite a mess.

While you can clean your drains with some home remedies, enlisting the help of a drain cleaning service will give you access to more effective solutions. These professionals have years of experience dealing with different types of drains, so you can be sure they’ll know what your drains need. Plus, they have access to specialized tools and equipment.

Once you hear strange noises from your drainage system, don’t ignore them. Don’t be scared either; it’s not that your home has spirits that haven’t managed to cross over to the afterlife. Gurgling sounds from your pipes just means there’s a blockage somewhere.

9. Maintain the Scenery

Preserving the scenery of your kitchen should be a priority when deciding between a kitchen update and vs remodel. Maintaining the aesthetics during a kitchen update mostly entails updating the current design components without significant structural changes. You may update your kitchen by repainting the walls and refinishing the cabinets and backsplashes. Consider minor touches such as changing cabinet hardware and light fixtures to improve the overall look. This method allows you to keep the components of your kitchen that you already prefer while making it look modern.

If you’re going for a full-on remodel, consider a French drain install. These drains will be much better for your scenery as they’re easy to cover with aesthetically pleasing elements like walkways and pebbles. Just be sure to keep up with routine maintenance.

10. Clean Up After Renovating

The final phase that is often underrated is post-renovation cleanup. It’s essential regardless of what you choose between a kitchen update and vs remodel. It affects how your kitchen appears and also the safety.

Since upgrades often only entail decorative elements, cleanup can be quite simple. Cleaning typically involves dusting and dumping any unwanted materials generated. Since this won’t require extensive work, you can handle the task independently if you feel up to it.

On the other hand, kitchen remodeling generates considerable garbage, requiring more intensive cleaning efforts. Some of the debris left behind after the remodel may also be hazardous. Here, you may need to outsource the work to professional cleaners. They’ll do what it takes to leave you with a clean and hygienic kitchen space. You may also need to work with dumpster rental services for efficient handling and disposal of building debris.

The terms ‘kitchen update’ and ‘remodel’ are often used interchangeably but have different meanings. A kitchen update primarily involves minor aesthetic changes like repainting cabinets or installing new hardware. Things that don’t require significant alterations to the existing structure.

Remodeling is the best choice for kitchen issues like limited space and structural concerns. This will include redesigning the kitchen layout, removing walls, and developing new cabinetry and counters. This will bring elevation and functionality to your home and enhance your kitchen experience. Ultimately, any decision you make between a kitchen update vs remodel will leave you with a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Take your time and think about what you want from your project.

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