New AC Unit Install” by Abon Adventures documents the installation of a new ac unit for their home. Fernando, a friend and HVAC professional, handles the work, and he installed the existing unit 11 or 12 years ago. He also replaced the inside unit within the last two years, so only the outside compressor and fan need replacing.

After some initial testing, Fernando confirmed the compressor is locked up, so he will replace the unit.

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The first step is to drain the coolant before disconnecting the electrical and coolant lines. Next, they haul away the old unit, which Fernando will disassemble and scrap.

The new unit is a 3-ton Goodman brand, which gets mounted before reconnecting the electrical, and the brazing copper tubing to ensure a proper seal. After completing those steps, he releases the pre-charged coolant into the system, and the unit undergoes testing. The test confirms the system generates cold air, and technical tests confirm the new ac unit works properly. Plus, the new unit is quieter than the old unit. The total time to install the new ac unit was between two and two-and-a-half hours. Always remember to work with a professional to ensure your unit is installed properly.

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